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Marie Girondé

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 An effective curriculum vitae murmurs slowly: I am a professional.
  • Graduate ENSAIT
  • Coted Drouot and international
  • Dictionary Larousse
  • Dictionary international of modern art
  • professor of painting and sculpture of the beautiful arts
  • Numerous exhibitions:Italie, United States, Dubai, Spain, China, Belgium, the Eastern Europe
  • Awarded a diploma by the merit of the modern Art 'in Italy
  • diploma by the national federation of the French culture
  • Member of the beautiful arts
  • associated Academician 'del verbano in Italy
  • Parisian Galleries : Lietner, néo galerie
  • foriegn galleries: galerie odile(san martin) galerie d'art moderne(italie)
  • personal exhibitions in France and in Italy (1st price at Rome)
  • Show of the independent Artists
  • Carousel of the Louvre with the society of the beautiful arts of Paris
  • some Salons in Paris , invited of honor at villepreux, 1st price at boulogne billancourt
  • art critiques : francis parent - christian germak, antonio malmo- Jules Saint-Aubin
  •  "Artcurial Deauville"